Symphogear G Episode #01

Ah Symphogear, the anime series where it combines magical girls with music. It was a good anime during its first season, but I’m hoping that this second season won’t go off-model just like last time, right Satelight?

And BTW, since the main trio saved the world, things got complicated now that everyone wants to get a hold of some relic and turn an ordinary girl into a warrior or something!

Speaking of Chris Yukine and Hibiki Tachibana, they still kick ass and it seems that Satelight did much better on Symphogear G compared to the first season!

In any case, the Noise have been defeated thanks to Chris and Hibiki.

Also, they not only rescued the relic but also Dr. Ver. For some reason, his face looked like he’s on drugs but that’s just me!

Then again, Dr. Ver and the Solomon’s Cane disappeared after this explosion. Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling about this!

Meanwhile, Tsubasa Kazanari is in Europe and it seems that she has a rival named Maria Cadenzavna Eve. Seriously, is Summer 2013 having rivals now from every anime series aired this month?

Oh and by the way, this is how Mio Akiyama faces off against Fate Testarossa in a song battle!

Too bad though as while Tsubasa have won the singing contest, Maria puts her Gungnir armor and declared war against humanity as Finé.

What can I say, this second season just shat bricks! Anyways, please enjoy next week’s episode because it gets better than this!

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