Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Episode #13

My little sister can’t undress her big brother with force!

And Konoe Tsuruma becomes a yandere… Good thing nobody died at the end of this episode!

So anyway, this is the 13th episode of NakaImo. Nothing dramatic happened on this episode, it’s just Miyabi being clingy to her brother. But you know what, I propose a Tenchi Solution where Shougo marries both Konoe, his little sister…

…and the rest of the girls (including “Mr. X”, aka the woman dressed up as a guy) into his harem. It is the only solution than picking one bride over the other.

Unfortunately, Shougo has no guts to become a harem king at this point. Heck, even NakaImo (along with OniAi) won’t have another season if he doesn’t man up!

But for now, this it how it ends… We’ll just leave it open, unless Studio Gokumi and Media Factory get their act together and push it for another run.

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