Highschool DxD NEW Episode #01


This shot is very obligatory… But you know what, I’m watching Highschool DxD NEW for the plot!

And so after Issei punched Riser to the face, (then douse that bastard with holy water and make a crushing gut punch), he is now feeling a sigh of relief now that Rias-sempai is in his arms. Still, Issei’s two buddies are getting jelly now that he has a harem of girls (and a guy) in his side.

But don’t get your hopes just yet, he’s still too early to be a Harem King!

Oh yes, and speaking of Issei, Kiba is now the main focus on this second season. Not only he’s a survivor of some heinous experiment conducted by the church, Kiba hates the sacred sword Excalibur with disgust and contempt.

C’mon Kiba, where’s your cool attitude of yours? Did you threw it away?

Speaking of Kiba, what the hell does this goddamn priest doing here!? Freed is supposedly dead during Season 1!

Oh, and that sword he’s wielding, it’s just a replica! But it still hurts if you’re a demon. Anyways, being Kiba is suffering on the next episode…

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  1. FailDRE86 says:

    I can remember that psycho priest escaping in season 1

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