The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc Episode #01

The God of Conquest returns… Still has a backlog of games to play!

And Manglobe returns for another season of KamiNomi (or TWGOK) with more girls to conquer… Although some of them are already conquered for the past two seasons (along with Tenri’s arc), while most of them did it off-screen.

Seriously Manglobe, are you getting lazy animating the rest of the heroines?

Anyways, this third season is all about goddesses in every heroine that was conquered. While typically, all of their memories are erased once the loose soul is captured.

But unlike the past two seasons, a goddess will take over the heroine’s body once Keima conquered it with a kiss. Thus, a heroine (like Tenri) remembers Keima and their time together.

Sounds complicated, but that’s how it happened during Tenri’s arc.

This means, most of the heroines (like Kanon) will remember Keima even after sharing a kiss in the past. Oh, and they got halos, see their other selves in mirrors, and getting hijacked by their respective goddesses…

But unfortunately, she got stabbed by a demon who calls themselves as “Weiss” (No, not that stupid boyband!) and they’re trying to take over heaven and Earth. Oh, and they want to reclaim hell too!

Anyways, looks like Keima got dragged into a bigger mess this time around! I hope Kanon is alright…

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