Symphogear G Episode #02

BTW, these two girls named Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi are acting suspicious…

Wait, are they Symphogear users too judging from their artifact?

Meanwhile, Tsubasa Kazanari transformed and made her attack against Maria Cadenzavna Eve. Let’s see if her Ama-no-Habakiri can take on Maria’s Gungnir!

However, Tsubasa-san was interrupted when Maria’s aide are here to help her out!

It turns out that both Kirika and Shirabe are actually Symphogear users. Damn, I knew that they have some transformation device to become singing magical girls!

Fortunately, both Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine came to the rescue in the nick of time!

In any case, it’s 3-on-3 on this week’s episode but Hibiki tries to convince them to stop this terrorist nonsense and become friends. However, Shirabe calls her a hypocrite because friendship is bullshit!

Sorry Hibiki-chan but no matter what you say to them about friendship, it won’t work unless you befriend them the “Nanoha” way!

Well then, looks like Maria and her two aides run away for now, but not without sending a bunch of Noise for Hibiki-chan and her companions to play with

Nevertheless, Hibiki has an ace of her sleeve by combining both Tsubasa and Chris’ swan songs along with her own, they have the most harmonious and powerful song they ever produced…


Oh and Hibiki made an uppercut against that Noise while spewing drill-like tornadoes for no apparent reason. Genjuro Kazanari, you sure teach her the way of the world warrior like Ryu from Street Fighter!

Still, Hibiki Tachibana is kinda down after this. For some reason, she has a dark and troubled past that inserted for this week but I feel that it’ll be addressed in later episodes.

Also, that crazy professor from Episode 1? Dr. Ver is alive and he’s holding that relic which was supposedly held by the United States. I have a bad feeling that Dr. Ver is becoming the next Finé- Wait, it’s impossible!

Anyways, time for some slapping on the next episode. I hope Hibiki becomes the WOMAN OF DESTINY!

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