Kiniro Mosaic Episode #02

“Miss Karasuma, your English sounds a little awkward!”

I’m sorry to say this, but you sounded a bit awkward as well! Oh, and you’re short too!

Speaking of Alice’s “surprisingly good” English, I think Shinobu having blonde hair scares me a bit. It’s like portraying her as a ganguro without tanned skin, heavy makeup, and bizarre decorations! It’s no good for Shino-chan…

Anyways, let’s end this post with some obligatory yuri screenshot. Oh, and Yoko is aiming to be a star at the Budokan, unlike a certain light music club who only managed to have a live gig in London.

Then again, it was just a joke by Yoko… Damn her, she let my hopes down!

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  1. This show and Love Lab have an adorable deathmatch going on this season.

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