Highschool DxD NEW Episode #07

This guy is definitely not Riser, BTW!

This is Azazel, Kokabiel’s boss who loves collecting video games (and Sacred Gears). He’s obviously a fallen angel thanks to his jet black wings, but he’s not here to wage war however.

It’s boring to fight against demons again, so he just send Vali to dispose Kokabiel and freeze him eternally! Azazel doesn’t like anyone bugging him with his hobbies!

But anyways, time for a fanservice episode after concluding the Excalibur arc. You don’t wan’t Kiba’s story to drag on to 12 episodes! And yes, expect girls like Akeno taking on Issei…

…while Rias is getting jealous over it. We can’t help Issei’s problems, but having exposed boobies is a thumbs-up!

BTW, I didn’t mention this on the previous post but Akeno is revealed that she’s a daughter from a fallen angel, specifically Baraqiel.

Oh, and Akeno is not the only one joining the fray, Xenovia wants to have a piece of Issei as well! Please Issei, don’t try to become a man yet… You’re not yet prepared to ascend as the Harem King. Be patient!

Anyways, on to the next episode. And BTW, Vali formally introduces himself on this episode. Good luck powering up, Issei!

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