Highschool DxD NEW Episodes #04 – #06

Farewell, Irina-chan… I want to see you more, but you have to go back to the Church for some healing!

And speaking of Irina, it seems that her weapon was stolen by Freed, of all people! If he has Kirito’s skills from SAO and ALO, we’re all fucked up! But no worries, he’ll just go down just like in Season 1.

But anyways, this is where Kiba’s story end here (but not entirely) as he faces the originator of the Holy Sword project.

As you may see on this picture, Valper Galilei is one screwed-up archbishop who uses devotees as guinea pigs. Too bad that he’ll be killed by someone more powerful than him…

Which is why Kokabiel appeared to kill Valper off and attempted to spark another war against demons, just like old times. Oh, and God won’t be interfering his plans… because God is already dead after the first sacred war.

BTW, Michael took over God’s role after that, which is why former devotees like Asia are getting migraines when mentioning God’s name.

Not to worry though as Xenovia can keep up with Kokabiel with her new toy: Durandal!

And for Kiba, he acquired Balance Breaker, which it has both holy and demonic powers combined. It can shatter Excalibur swords and scratch off Kokabiel’s face. It’ll sure make Zoro proud with Kiba’s stunt.

Of course, it’s not enough to defeat him though…

Look no further than Vali Lucifer and his pet Vanishing Dragon Albion. While you saw him during the opening sequence (and Episode 3), he’s overpowered and can cancel spells just like a certain Imagine Breaker.

Oh, and he just kicked Kokabiel’s ass. As expected from Issei’s new rival, although I wanted him to have a part-time job just like Maou-san, or write novels for keeps!

Anyways, Kokabiel is defeated. As for Issei, he lost his chance thanks to Vali. So much for Rias’ boobies!

But hey, at least Xenovia joined the Gremory clan. It’s a good thing that she becomes a devil after that awful reveal from Kokabiel…

Of course, Xenovia needs to learn that she’s a devil and she can’t pray to the Lord. She’ll get migraines just like Asia.

Anyways, the next episode will be a breather one… Expect more fanservice than usual!

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