Symphogear G Episodes #03 – #06

Hello guys and girls, Symphogear G is back on my blog and let’s start with the introduction of Professor Nastassja…

…and her pet Nephilim. For some reason, this living relic would be problematic later on!

Meanwhile, here’s Chris Yukine as she’s enrolled at Lydian Academy!

Don’t worry Chris, you have screen time when you make a good show at the school festival unlike Miku Kohinata though…

And as you can see, she did perform at the festival with good results. For a girl who sings heavy metal, Chris Yukine has a sweet voice which I like it compared to Hibiki Tachibana!

But wait, there’s more because this post covers 4 episodes…

Those two girls from FIS, Kirika and Shirabe can sing too although choosing a Zweiwing song is an insult.

After all, Tsubasa Kazanari lost Kanade Amou in the very first episode. But hey, at least they didn’t took Chris’ crown away because both Kirika and Shirabe are trespassers!

Meanwhile, time for a flashback where Serena Cadenzavna Eve sacrificed herself to stop Nephilim from destroying the facility.

And that face, it reminds of Tsubasa Kazanari when she used her swan song back in Episode 4. All I can say, Maria’s sister is such an idiot!

Given that she’s in the same situation as Kanade from Season 1, Serena is soon killed off. No wonder Maria declared war on humanity as the next Finé.

Now then, here’s Dr. Ver as he makes his return as a maniacal scientist. Also, not only he has Solomon’s Cane…

…but Dr. Ver also brought Nephilim in which the relic “chomps” Hibiki’s left arm.

Damn, looks like Satelight took some notes from Madoka Magica Episode 3!

And look at that crazy face of his? He’s smiling like a madman! I have to admit myself, Dr. Ver is definitely a villain!

It could be worse if that monster did chomp Hibiki Tachibana’s head just like what happened to Mami Tomoe.

But then again, this is Hibiki we’re talking about… Nobody messes with her when she’s in berserk mode.

Anyways, Hibiki Tachibana got her left arm back thanks to Gungnir, and kick Nephilim’s ass so hard that its regeneration couldn’t keep up!

And look at Dr. Ver’s face? It’s crazier but he’s distressed now that the beast is unleashed from Hibiki!

As for Nephilim, that monster is completely destroyed thanks to Hibiki Tachibana. Then again, her berserker state is one of those cases that Hibiki’s use of Gungnir is too much.

In fact, Genjuro Kazanari feared that the Gungnir shard within Hibiki’s heart would fuse and it’ll cause more harm in the long run.

Meanwhile, here’s Dr. Ver as he found Nephilim’s still-beating heart. C’mon, he’ll be back for another episode!

As for Hibiki Tachibana, I think she needs to reconsider her role now since Gungnir is slowly destroying her. After all, Tsubasa-san doesn’t want Hibiki to die off just like Kanade!

One more thing Tsubasa-san, let go of Hibiki’s hand ’cause Miku is watching you! *stares*

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