Kiniro Mosaic Episodes #03 – #05

And now, this show has a new character introduced. Her name is Karen Kujo! She’s half-British and half-Japanese, and she doesn’t have Star Platinum on her side.

Jojo reference aside, Shino is happy to have another blonde as her friend, something that Alice-chan would be very jealous!

By the way Alice, nice singing there even though it’s kinda awkward. Oh, and don’t worry Alice. Shino will never left you out…

Shino-chan will cherish you, along with Karen. C’mon, she has Europhilia, while you two have a slight case of Japanophilia.

I don’t know it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but who cares as long as everyone’s happy!

Speaking of Karen, I would like to introduce to Isami Omiya, Shino’s big sister who is a fashion model and a hobby photographer.

Bonus points if she was voiced by Yukari Tamura.

Of course, she’s busy at modelling, which is why Yoko takes care of Shino way before they became high school students.

Sorry Shino, but Isami won’t help you even if you are a ditz. You got friends, so ask them for assistance! (Nice mask, BTW!)

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