Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ Episodes #05 – #07

Today’s theme for this post is all about travelling. Not just Takehara, it’s beyond that…

Oh, and Norie-chan… You’re lucky since Komachi won’t be bothering you on Kou-tan!

On their first trip, they’re hunting for the best sakura tree as an entry for a photo contest.

Good thing Sayomi didn’t bring her own Sayomi-mobile and let loose like Yukari from Azumanga Daioh. You’ll never know if Potte and co. would make it to their destination, let alone survive the wild ride!

On the other hand, their trip was finally worth it… Too bad that they didn’t submit their entry in time.

It would be a big boost for the photography club if this magnificent sakura tree was taken by either Potte or Kanae.

On the next trip, it’s Potte going solo together with Sayomi-oneechan and her father’s junior colleague named Harumi Kawai.

Now this travel planner will take Fuunyon to many places; from Onomichi to a stay-in at Bed and Breakfast Inn, which only serves breakfast for obvious reason.

It’s good to have a travel planner on Potte’s side, other than retracing her father’s steps the hard way.

And finally, it’s back to Fuunyon’s hometown of Shioiri. Oh, and there’s a new character introduced named Tomo-chan.

Man, she is annoying huh?

But that’s okay since she’ll eventually become one of Potte’s friends, if only Tomo-chan has more screen time that is.

Anyways, let’s end this post with Potte getting serious business on playing sparklers. Then again, it would be out-of-character if she does it for real.

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