The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc Episodes #03 – #06

You know, I have a feeling that Yui is the “seme” while Keima is the “uke”. Man, gotta thank BL for this!

Oh hi there, Nora! Great to see you back, but I still hate you for being a jerkass after what happened to Tenri Arc.

Anyways, this post contains three goddesses being captured by the man himself. Good luck, Keima!

Since Keima has both Diana and Apollo (in coma, unfortunately) at his side, it’s time to introduce Vulcanus. This goddess is the eldest of them all, and she possesses Tsukiyo Kujo’s body.

Oh, and Vulcanus spends most of the time inside Tsukiyo’s favorite doll Luna. No wonder Keima got so many bruises during the conquest. But hey, it’s all worth it…

Of course, it’s not enough to wake Kanon up. Vulcanus needs the rest of her sisters, which is becoming like a RPG at the moment.

Well Keima, at least you won’t be dealing random slimes, ghouls, and whatsoever.

Next up is Yui Goido, who acts like a handsome man after the last conquest. I don’t read manga much, but this conquest will be interesting…

…especially when Keima transforms into a girl! C’mon, it’s Hiro Shimono’s forte on voicing crossdressing male leads like “Kyolo” Shinomiya from GJ-bu and Yoshii Akihisa from BakaTest.

Accomplishing this conquest unlocks Mars, who loves to bring a weapon at any situation, much to Yui’s slight annoyance.

And one more thing, Mars doesn’t know that she’s living in a modern world where girls dress up as boys and vice versa. Heck, she doesn’t know what BL and yuri mean!

Still, at least Keima won’t have to dress up as a girl again on the next conquest…

Okay, I’ll take back what I’ve said on Shiori’s second conquest. Even without the wig, Keima is still gorgeous as a girl!

But still, Shiori is getting awkward on seeing him in drag… Well, can’t blame him dressing up in Ep. 5.

But I cannot forgive Shiori for not being serious enough to make a decent novel!

C’mon, you can do better than this. I mean, you have a goddess inside you, so don’t slack off will you!

In the end, Shiori finally made a novel she can cherish thanks to Keima’s training regimen. Thus, Minerva appeared in front of him. Of course, the story of her is not yet done…

There is still one goddess left if Keima wants Kanon back! For now, it’s on to the next episode.

But for this post, let’s end it with wonderful embrace. Oh, and BTW Keima, no cheating…

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