Symphogear G Episode #07

This is where Dr. Ver’s face got distorted on this episode. In fact, this mad scientist will continue this until he’s dead… or alive at worst!

In any case, he’s here to attack Hibiki’s friends by summoning Noise. After all, Dr. Ver has Solomon’s Cane!

Fortunately, Hibiki Tachibana decides to fight despite the risk of having her body destroyed by Gungnir.

And you know what, no injury could stop her from punching Dr. Ver’s smug face with her burning fists, while punching Noise grunts along the way!

Sadly though, Dr. Ver was rescued by Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi. Sure that the doctor is an asshole, but Dr. Ver is vital for them if both Kirika and Shirabe used their respective relics…

…as well as activating their swan song, which they used a drug that was made by Dr. Ver to amplify their powers.

You know what, both Kirika and Shirabe are gonna die if they’re dealing with Dr. Ver!

Of course, Hibiki won’t let them do as they please as she absorb both Kirika and Shirabe’s powers in order not to activate their swan song.

In exchange, Hibiki’s body is burning up like a certain mahjong player. In fact, this girl is on fire (like that certain song by Alicia Keys)!

But anyways, there’s nothing that both Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi can do as Hibiki Tachibana absorbed their powers and fire away at the heavens.

Well, time for them to make a retreat together with Dr. Ver!

Sadly for Hibiki Tachibana, Gungnir is slowly fusing in Hibiki’s body. Yeah, Miku Kohinata and Chris Yukine doesn’t like the news at all!

Fortunately, Tsubasa Kazanari came to the rescue as she cools Hibiki down with only a tank of water.

Too bad that despite having a badass bike, Tsubasa failed to cool Hibiki down in time. I guess she can never fight again…

Meanwhile, Professor Nastassja told Maria Cadenzavna Eve that she’s not Finé, which is sad as Maria put so much effort on hating humanity much like Ryouko Sakurai.

But if that’s the case, then who possesses Finé’s will?

Well, I might say that Kirika Akatsuki is Finé as she used a barrier to save Shirabe Tsukuyomi, much like how Ryouko-san rescued Hibiki from Season 1.

But anyways, I’ll be blogging Ep. 8 in later time even though it was aired today! One more thing, I guess Kirika would get the feeling that “being Finé is suffering!”

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