Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode #08

And the day of escape has finally come! Apparently, it’s not easy to convince all students to take part at first. This includes Tanya, whose “Inner Eye” ability ostracized many from her previous village.

But thanks to Ai’s optimism, Tanya and the rest of the students escaped from Gola Academy without a hitch!

Of course, there is one obstacle left in order to gain freedom… if they could get past off their strict headmistress that is!

And BTW, they loaded with live ammunition and not chalks this time.

Fortunately, Alis Color has an ability to track high-speed targets and intercept them ala Golgo 13.

And I have to admit myself, he has that buzzer beatin’ skills to stop bullets. Good job!

Anyways, it’s freedom at last from Ai-chan. Unfortunately, her journey continues on the next episode.

And one more thing, Scar is missing after Ai-chan busted out of Gola Academy, leaving her child behind. Man, that’s so cruel of her!

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