Kiniro Mosaic Episodes #06 – #08

Today’s post covering Eps. 6 to 8 is brought you by Houbunsha! Now if only there was a cross-over between Yuyushiki and Kiniro Mosaic…

Oh, and don’t change your hair to blue, Shino-chan!

Anyways, let’s start with the girls doing what they love: a summer vacation, shall we?

And while they enjoy frolicking at the river, as well as playing sparklers and other fireworks, not a single person has injured nor drowned during their vacation…

Oh, and they didn’t eat some hallucinogenic plants along the way. I’ll be laughing so hard if Shino eat some and pretend that she drop either Alice or Karen on the river, thinking that the fairy might come and retrieve one of them.

On the other hand, she can easily get focused on one subject (like English), and get a almost-perfect score. You may remind yourself of Yui Hirasawa back from Episode 3 of Season 1.

Yes, even Karasuma-sensei can’t believe that Shino can pull it off!

Of course, there is a catch though as Shino is easily get distracted, thus losing her hours studying in English. I guess she’s not cut to be an interpreter.

Speaking of Shino, Karen has the same trait as Yui. Namely, not gaining weight when eating. I guess Ayaya is pushed down by gravity because she’s chubby.

But come to think of it, Karen is such an interesting character that she can play anybody…

…for a samurai straight from Lupin III, to a typical maid waitress! Hey, don’t get hooked on the latter. Karen’s charm might put you to Chris Hansen’s party van!

Lastly, who would have thought that Alice gave Shino-chan a present as part of their anniversary. Good for Alice-chan since Shino’s memory is hazy during the school festival until now.

And one more thing, Alice is such an angel in Episode 8 that Shino felt euphoria when she saw her golden hair being shaped into wings! Good thing she didn’t transform into an enemy from Evangelion.

Anyways, that’s how it happened for Eps. 6 to 8! And BTW, Shino look weird when she wears her newly-received bow-tie as a hair accessory. Maybe it’s just her thing…

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