Symphogear G Episode #08

Well, seems that Dr. Ver heard everything from what Prof. Nastassja said!

Besides, he’ll become a smug to Maria Cadenzavna Eve by killing Nastassja, drug Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi some more, and do nasty things behind their back.

And BTW, the reason why they created FIS is to prevent the moon from crashing down to Earth. But due to their terrorist activities, it appears that their noble intentions will probably put on hold!

On the other hand, it seems that Tsubasa Kazanari has regrets on ending Hibiki Tachibana’s life when she has the chance back in season one.

Okay, it was a joke but Tsubasa-san is worried that Hibiki might end up like Kanade Amou. After all, Kanade suffered from using Gungnir much like coughing blood, etc.

For now, Hibiki will have to spend her time with Miku-chan like visiting the aquarium. After all, she needed some quiet time!

But when they visit the Tokyo Sky Tower, a bunch of Noise have showed up. Damn, what a bad timing!

Meanwhile, Maria Cadenzavna Eve is very frustrated as she and Prof. Nastassja got screwed by the Americans during the negotiations.

Also, a certain mad doctor have summoned Noise to spice things up! Damn you, Dr. Ver!

Oh and to make things more infuriating, Maria Cadenzavna Eve saw US soldiers gunning down on civilians.

Those Americans sure wants to make enemies out of everybody on this anime series!

Well then, looks like Maria will have to take her frustration on beating some American troops as she’s not suitable as Finé!

Man, I feel pity for Maria Cadenzavna Eve… She lost her sister and she lost the reason to act like Finé.

Now let’s go back to Hibiki Tachibana as she’s about to fall down from the Tokyo Sky Tower when Miku Kohinata saved her.

Unfortunately, Miku let go of Hibiki’s hand, believing that her friend can rescue everyone from the burning Sky Tower…

…by becoming a Symphogear user. It’s a good idea for Miku to tell Hibiki to use Gungnir and save the day!

Sadly, it didn’t work though in the end as Miku Kohinata was consumed by fire and shrapnel. Nice. Idea. Ever!

Anyways, onto the next episode if Hibiki Tachibana can snap out of it! Then again, Miku Kohinata is her dear friend and losing her is very devastating!

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