To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode #19

Well Misaka, I guess Febli (or Febri) doesn’t like you one bit. (Thank you Saten-san for taking her home!) Of course, she’ll become friends with you eventually!

But anyways, I kinda love this original arc thanks to that cute girl with a lollipop. But the only thing I hate is that the villains for this arc are a bunch of high school nerds, which is a total step down from that crazy bitch named Therestinatina. Yes, that one boss during the Poltergeist Arc from Season 1.

Now then, if only J.C.Staff can add something like Misaki Shokuhou’s re-appearance, or Shinobu’s whereabouts. Oh wait, they’re too focused on Febri right now!

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