Nekomonogatari: Shiro

This is where I came for… Hot girl-on-girl action at the shower! Too bad that Arararagi-kun didn’t see that! (Damn you SHAFT for giving it censor steam!)

But anyways, this is the first story arc of the Monogatari Series Second Season, entitled “Tsubasa Tiger”. Sorry for the delays though. As for Kabukimonogatari, let it finish first. Then I’ll make a post of it once it’s done!

As a follow-up of Nekomonogatari: Kuro (Don’t ask me about the chronological order for this series.), Tsubasa has to deal another oddity without Koyomi’s help, as she is confronted with a tiger named Kako (or “past” in Japanese).

As additional information, Kako can burn everything that is related to Hanekawa’s negative emotions. No wonder that tiger burned her house down thanks to Tsubasa’s secretive jealousy.

Nothing to worry though as Hanekawa is welcomed by Senjougahara, and the Araragi household, courtesy of Karen and Tsukihi, respectively.

Gee, I feel that their breasts grew a little after Nisemonogatari. Maybe it’s just me…

On the other hand, there is some new characters introduced during Tsubasa Tiger. Too bad that neither Episode nor Izuko Gaen are helpful on defeating Kako, save for the latter who gave Hanekawa some hints on beating the oddity…

…which is why Tsubasa turned to Black Hanekawa for assistance. A good move for Tsubasa, but it won’t be enough to absorb the tiger oddity, let alone beating it.

At this point, Kako will trample Tsubasa down to her knees!

Fortunately, Koyomi arrived just in time to save Tsubasa-chan. Finally, it took you a damn time to show up, Araragi-kun! Kudos to him now that Kako is now finally absorbed to Hanekawa’s body and Tsubasa’s story arc is finally…

Of course, her long road to recovery has begun as Hanekawa has to deal with reconciliation for her estranged parents, other than having her striped hair dyed with black every morning.

Anyways, it is the end of Nekomonogatari: Shiro with the conclusion of Tsubasa Tiger. It was a good arc, but the only complaint is the inclusion of Episode and Izuko Gaen without extensive background or whatsoever.

Of course, they’ll be back for another story arc. Until then, they served nothing in my opinion. Oh well, see you next time in Kabukimonogatari!

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