The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc Episodes #07 & #08

Wow, that sure sucks hard when Haqua got arrested for no reason. In fact, it seems that Vintage successfully integrated themselves into the Loose Soul Capturing team…

…which includes this girl who happened to stab Kanon/Apollo at the back. That bitch, holding her cutter and all!

Now back to the main topic, this is where Keima’s last conquest begins since he has Diana, Apollo (in sleep mode unfortunately), Vulcanus, Mars, and Minerva on his side.

Oh, and as for Nora’s buddy Ryo, he’s irrelevant. Now go away or you might ruin Keima’s chances!

Anyways, this is where Keima has to choose either Ayumi or Chihiro. Oh, and it makes it difficult when our God of Conquest got a fever after the events from Ep. 6.

But personally, I bet that it’s Chihiro will get chosen over Ayumi…

I mean, I hated her at first but she’s getting sweeter at Keima this time around. Oh, and nice hair decs BTW… if only Chihiro would borrow Yuno’s cross-shaped hair clips.

Still, there’s no time left though as they need another goddess to awaken Kanon/Apollo from her slumber.

On the other hand, I think the sisters needs to learn some restraint. I mean, this show is becoming a harem anime for some reason.

And speaking of Apollo, she’s fine and kicking. But she won’t take long though as Apollo is gonna stay for another three days before her magic run dry. So better hurry up Keima, or you will lose Kanon forever!

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