Kimi no Iru Machi Episodes #01 – #07

A GONZO anime where you rage!

This post is dedicated to Kimi no Iru Machi, a series from the author of Suzuka where it will have twists and turns that it’s letting you screw your mind.

And BTW, I’m watching it because Megumi Nakajima is included on this adaptation.

So anyways, the series starts (in the manga version) when Yuzuki Eba stays at the Kirishima household. There, she met Haruto and started to become lovers… until Eba decides to move back to Tokyo. That’s when things get complicated.

Personally, the flashback scenes are somewhat sparse. Better yet, GONZO won’t even bother starting this series at the beginning and decided to go ahead with the Tokyo arc…

…which is why Haruto moves to Tokyo and find Yuzuki, where he got rejected after seeing her during the school festival. What a fool Haruto was!

In fact, the idea of having long-distance relationship is impossible for both of them. Besides, Yuzuki already gave up on him and decided to have someone else.

Take Kyousuke Kazama for instance, who is Eba’s current boyfriend. A badass biker who became friends with Haruto, but unfortunately their friendship was short-lived.

It was revealed that he has a terminal illness which is why Yuzuki date him out of pity, but doesn’t stop Haruto for waging war on Kazama. Sadly, despite the surgery, Kyousuke died happily as Yuzuki’s boyfriend… for a short time.

Even though Kazama lived to the very end, I think Yuzuki is becoming a pain in the ass to Haruto because her boyfriend is gonna die soon, not to mention having no delicacy to everybody.

And that’s why she got slapped by Kazama’s childhood friend, Kiyomi Asakura. A fitting reminder not to be bitchy to everyone!

Although Kiyomi appeared without any formal introductions or anything, I think her slap deserves to Yuzuki big time. Not sure if she’s gonna get a hold of herself however.

Anyways, the arc is done and dusted after Kyousuke’s passing, but the story has just begun for both Haruto and Yuzuki.

And BTW, I was thinking of Haruto dating with Asuka instead, but no…

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