Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ Episode #09

On this episode of Tamayura, it’s festival time at Takehara as they prepare for the “Path of Longing” festival, where you expect bamboo lanterns lighten up the town’s scenery.

And BTW, Momoneko-sama is back… As always, he’s stubborn on being taken a picture from Potte, and later Sayomi-oneechan!

On the other hand, there’s a new character introduced. His name is Nozomu Natsume and he’s a stoic friend to Potte’s father.

In fact, he’s the reason why Mr. Sawatari took up photography. Unfortunately for Mr. Natsume, he quit taking photos after graduation. Still, he’s quite a critic with brutal honesty!

Of course, it doesn’t mean that he’s a jerkass all the way! Maybe a trip to Hoboro shop will soften up a bit…

C’mon Natsume-san, admit yourself that you like Hoboro’s original okonomiyaki! C’mon, I know you like it!

Still, for a stoic guy like him, he’s a kind-hearted person deep inside, which is why I have some respect for Natsume-san. But anyways, on to the next episode…

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