Kiniro Mosaic Episode #09

Don’t worry Karasuma-sensei, it’s not like you’ve been left out with the crowd. Oh, and don’t try to learn a tongue-twister or two ’cause you might accidentally bite your tongue!

But anyways, this episode is dedicated to Ayaya. While she’s good at cooking, Aya-chan is shy, yet stern, and she doesn’t express her feelings much. She’s kinda like a tsundere in my opinion, specifically towards Yoko-chan.

But hey, at least Aya didn’t become the next Karen Kujo…

…right down to her outfit and personality. It would be very awkward to have another one who speaks a mix-mash of broken Japanese and slightly understandable English!

On the other hand, it’s kinda amusing to see Shino, a klutz, can hide and drop down like a ninja. Being a Europhile is amazing for her, at least Shino didn’t break a leg or two!

Anyways, that’s it for this episode of Kiniro Mosaic!

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