Symphogear G Episode #09

Here’s Chris Yukine as she blasts those Noise away with her Gatling gun and a salvo of missiles!

Yeah, it’s super effective! Still, it’s sucks that Hibiki Tachibana is devastated that Miku Kohinata has gone missing…

Look at her, she’s stricken with grief that Hibiki doesn’t know what to do next. Poor Hibiki…

Meanwhile, it appears that Miku Kohinata is safe from being incinerated at the top of the Sky Tree Tower.

Of course, being locked in a laser cage is not good…

…especially when Maria rescued her after being tricked by American agents as well as Dr. Ver’s meddling.

What’dya know, I’m surprised that Maria has the time to rescue Hibiki’s friend, but I think she should treat her hostages as humanly as possible!

Now that Miku is safe, it’s time for another training montage to perk things up courtesy of Commander Genjuro Kazanari in the style of Rocky Balboa!

While Genjuro’s singing is manly to justify this montage, especially when he’s singing the theme song of Police Story, I think Hibiki won’t be sortied out anytime soon…

On the other hand, it seems that Kirika Akatsuki is accepting her fate as the next Finé.

Can’t help it since she can produce barriers and has hints of losing her own identity, if not noticeable.

Unfortunately for them, both Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki are apprehended by both Chris Yukine and Tsubasa Kazanari, respectively.

Well, it’s sucks being painted as the bad guys. However, capturing both Shirabe and Kirika is one thing…

Confronting this new Symphogear user is different ball game. I wonder who this user is?

Wait a minute, isn’t that Miku Kohinata!? Damn you Dr. Ver, that bastard scientist is gonna pay!

Anyways, I think the next episode already aired today. But damn, who would though that Dr. Ver turned Miku into a Symphogear user.

And this is what my face looks like when Hibiki’s friend turned into a magical girl, as well as fansub delays! OTL

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