Kimi no Iru Machi Episode #08

You know what, this show needs some fanservice other than panty shots! Then again, Suzuka did that, but it’s less compared to this.

So anyways, it’s the new arc where Haruto is still living in Tokyo and he’s a university student.

Oh, and he’s dating Asuka, which I pretty knew this would happened after Episode 7. Then again, Haruto is being conflicted between Asuka…

…and Yuzuki, where she becomes a young lady with that stunning look. She currently doesn’t have a boyfriend BTW, so Haruto has a chance to date her, but not right now.

Of course, he might have second thoughts when Yuzuki’s sister Rin intervenes. C’mon Rin, don’t break his will, he already has a girlfriend and he might shot him down by Yuzuki.

But anyways, on to the next episode. I hope it’s not a jailbait from Rin!

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  1. buttonsmashersfamily says:

    I really love the Manga I wonder is there are many if any differences between the anime and manga?


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