Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #14

You know what I’m thinking… You wanted some symmetrical docking, don’t you?

Although it’s kinda belated but this is the last OVA of PapaKiki. And to better start things off is some docking with Sora and Raika. You know you’ll like it!

Also introducing on this episode is Shiori, Miu’s classmate (and also Yuuta’s acquaintance for some unknown reason).

Despite that, she’s cute and she has a crush on Yuuta…

…and not to mention having some skinship thanks to Miu. You know what, I think they need to be more intimate!

And lastly, this episode won’t be a PapaKiki episode without Hina-chan! As always, she’s too cute too handle.

Of course, Hina-chan miss her mommy so much. Then again, I can’t help about it!

Anyways, that would be it for PapaKiki. While there’s no possibility that this show will have another season, at least it’s heartwarming, if not having ecchi moments.

And speaking of ending, I forgot about Sako-sempai and Nimura-kun. Although the former wants Hina-chan, I think he should reconsider. He might get arrested for being a pedophile!

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  1. buttonsmashersfamily says:

    hmmm this OVA has me quite interested.


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