Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #15 – #21

Somehow, I’m thinking of Hanji as being a nut. Better look out, Eren!

Looks like I’m not gonna blog this series by episode-by-episode basis. I’m just gonna do a summary on what happened instead. For me, it’s kinda boring doing it every week since the pacing is kinda slow.

So anyways, the Recon Corps (or the Survey Corps) has set on an expedition beyond the walls.

And while it’s tough getting secrets at Eren’s old home, at least they have some new recruits (except for Annie and Marco, in which the latter died during the Battle of Trost).

Of course, there’s a new threat being thrown at them in the form of a Female Titan, who is smart enough to cover her nape in the case she’s being attacked, all while mowing down countless of soldiers in her wake.

They tried to capture her alive, but to no avail. Heck, there is a rumor that this Female Titan has the same characteristics as Eren, meaning that she can transform into a human and back.

And despite going toe-to-toe, Eren can’t beat that Female Titan. Oh, and he got chomped by her again!

Damn, will Eren survive this time? I bet that he’ll see dead people being bathed in blood on the next episode!

Oh yes, I forgot about Mikasa… I guess she’s pissed for not protecting her childhood friend on time!

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