Symphogear G Episode #10

Oh Dr. Ver, you asshole scientist! Why did you turn Miku Kohinata into a Symphogear user!? But enough about that, let’s move on to Episode 10 and while Kirika Akatsuki got a beating by Tsubasa Kazanari…

…Tsubasa’s manager Mr. Ogawa is taking Shirabe Tsukuyomi away from the battlefield. Damn, he can run on water which makes most of the ninjas from Naruto complete pansies!

Anyways, Miku Kohinata is wielding the relic called Shenshou Jing, which has the power to reflect beams and spam at the opponent with her own.

Oh yeah and Shenshou Jing’s beams are not ordinary as it can obliterate everything!

Meanwhile, Hibiki Tachibana used Gungnir again in order to rescue her friend, despite the risks of having her body riddled with crystals. I mean, using relics is bad!

See what I mean as Hibiki and Miku got shot by Shenshou Jing’s beams. While I wanted to scream “Say it ain’t so!” on these two, I feel that they’ll be back ’cause friendship is stronger that can defy death.

Meanwhile, it appears that using Miku Kohinata to wield Shenshou Jing, so that her powers can locate and summon this fortress called Frontier is all part of Dr. Ver’s plan.

Oh and to make things worse before we move onto the next episode, Chris Yukine has betrayed Tsubasa Kazanari. “Say it ain’t so, Chris!”

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