To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode #21

Oh hi there little sister MISAKA, it’s great to see you back! Although the rest of the cast won’t see you since you’re a clone to the original Railgun and they’ll mistake you as the real thing (except for Touma and Mikoto).

But anyways, the rest of Mikoto’s friends are now involved with Febri’s case. Unlike the previous arc, Mikoto is hesitant that Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu might get hurt (and possibly get killed) by Accelerator, not to mention having time paradox issues.

Then again, I guess they’re okay getting caught with danger like in Season 1.

And speaking of Season 1, looks like Therestina is back, locked in prison after the Poltergeist arc.

Still, I have a hunch that she’s gonna make Misaka’s life more miserable, other than having knowledge when it comes to illegal experiments. But that’s just me!

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