The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc Episode #10

Keima, this is your punishment for being a jerkass during Ep. 9. You deserve this!

Speaking of Keima, looks like Vintage have made their move. They even capture every single girl who has the soul of a goddess (except for Ayumi and Tenri).

Yup, shit hits the fan on Keima!

Fortunately, Haqua returned after being jailed. Not only she’s back, but Haqua became a badass by wielding the headmaster’s (or mistress’) Scythe of Testament.

Oh yes, and Haqua doesn’t need a rainment to fly…

…she can fly without one. Actually, Haqua just jump high in the air! Still look cool though, but unfortunately there’s no time left to be impressed.

In fact, it’s a crisis now that Vintage’s goals are within their reach. The only thing Keima can do now is to conquer Ayumi no matter what.

As for Chihiro, she’s gonna join for a ride ’cause it can’t be helped. Of course, she’ll think that it’s all just a dream afterwards!

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