Free! Episode #10

Hmm, that picture look familiar… I wonder if she’s Marin-sensei?

Oh wait, she’s the real deal. I mean, look at her reaction when she saw Coach Sasabe’s magazines. No wonder Marin-chan has links with the “swimsuit manufacturing” industry!

Anyways, it’s their preparation to the regional tournament. And while Rin joining the medley relay was a surprise, it seems that Rei-chan is being left out for some reason until Haruka revealed Rin’s pitiful past.

But seriously, it’s complicated for a sports anime to have a plot on Rin and it’s broken dreams, where it’s about sexy boys in their speedos! Go figure…

Still, it’s two episodes to go. Until then, no resolution has been made in regards to Rin’s life. Oh, don’t make a scene at Samezuka High School, Rei-chan!

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