Symphogear G Episode #11

Let’s start this episode with Ogawa-san as he holds Shirabe Tsukuyomi’s relic for the time being.

After all, she’s part of the FIS and Commander Genjuro Kazanari don’t want to free her just yet.

Meanwhile, seems that Miku Kohinata was rescued. However, I wonder what happened to Hibiki Tachibana after taking a hit from one of Shenshou Jing’s beams?

Oh, seems that Hibiki is fine but get a load of this. It seems that after being hit by Shenshou Jing’s beams, the Gungnir fragment that was encroaching her body is now gone.

Basically, Hibiki can’t fight for the time being. Of course, I’m mad that Chris Yukine’s betrayed everyone!

Speaking of Chris, she’s joined by the rest of the FIS as they’re about to raise Frontier from the sea. And what will they do to activate the fortress?

Well, Dr. Ver is gonna use Nephilim’s heart to activate Frotier’s core. Now that the fortress is fully-operational, there’s one more step in order to move Frontier up.

And that’s having Dr. Ver taking the controls. Sound great on paper as he’s fully-accustomed to Nephilim, but unfortunately having this mad scientist manning the bridge is a bad idea…

…as Dr. Ver will shoot a hand-shaped beam towards the moon, and grab onto it so that the fortress will lift itself from the sea at the expense of Earth’s imminent demise.

Goddammit Dr. Ver, you’re not just doing crazy and messed-up faces, but you’re beyond jerkass by dunking the moon and endanger Earth once again!

Meanwhile, Hibiki Tachibana is back in action after being beam-spammed by Miku Kohinata.

And while she can’t use Gungnir, Hibiki is gonna help people as she rides with Shirabe Tsukuyomi’s buzzsaw wheel.

Of course, Hibiki and Shirabe must get past Kirika Akatsuki first.

Scratch that, Hibiki will go inside Frontier on foot while Shirabe will have to stop her friend Kirika ’cause following Dr. Ver’s orders is wrong!

On the other hand, Tsubasa Kazanari won’t forgive Chris Yukine for gunning her down at the back!

Of course, this isn’t the first time this show has a Face Heel Turn. But then again, Chris Yukine will be back with the good girls… I hope!

Anyways, there’s two episodes to go but it seems that while everyone is busy, Maria Cadenzavna Eve is crying for being useless.

Of course, Maria should think about herself when she’s turned to second-hand goods… if you know what I mean!

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