Highschool DxD NEW Episode #11

You know what, screw war… Make love and peace, muthafucker!

For those who don’t know, Azazel wants peace so that Issei can have sex with Rias-sempai. Nice idea ever, you one hell of a fallen angel!

Unfortunately, someone wants to make war by kidnapping both Gasper and Koneko-chan, triggering the time stop ability. Not only that, they shamelessly show Koneko’s panties while being pinned at the wall upside-down.

Well, that’s a given since this show doesn’t give a shit on magic skirts. (Please search it at TV Tropes for more details)

BTW, there’s another baddie appeared on this episode. It’s Katerea Leviathan, descendant to the original Leviathan where she hated the current overlords, especially Serafall, for being lax and not waging war against angels.

War is not a beautiful thing…

…and Azazel knows that because it bores him, not to mention having no time on his hobbies! Thumbs up for you, pal!

Meanwhile, Issei offers his blood to Gasper so he can free himself. Nobody in the Gremory household shall be abandoned.

That’s right Gasper, it’s dragon’s blood. Go on, have a taste on it and party hard!

And there he goes, wrapping his enemies and confusing them while Issei deals the final blow. Combining both Gasper’s time-stopping abilities and Issei’s Dress Break is super-effective!

Then again, it’s still shameless even though it’s effective against girls.

On the other hand, why Issei didn’t use it on both Irina and Xenovia in previous episodes? (I suspect that the 1st Opening for DxD NEW is a lie. Damn you TNK!)

But anyways, the final episode is upon us. If next week is exciting, I suspect that it might have a third season!

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