Kiniro Mosaic Episode #11

Here’s a reminder from Karen that there is 100 days till Christmas Day.

And for those who don’t know Christmas, it’s a special day where Jesus Christ was born, not a day where lovers meet. (C’mon Japan, there’s Valentine’s Day and White Day!)

BTW, anyone wants a yangire Isami? I know you want it, Alice-chan!

Just kidding, nobody likes a yangire Isami on Christmas Day!

On the other hand, there was a time that Alice lost her memories and speaks English, all while wearing her British school uniform.

C’mon Alice, say it ain’t so! Where are your times spent with Shino-chan?

Psyche, it was just a trick to fool Shino-chan, or rather it was a challenge since Alice have a bad dream, thinking that she’s becoming more Japanese that she’ll end up being abandoned by her friend.

Good thing it was resolved, but that was a cruelest joke I have ever seen, Alice-chan! Anyways, on to the final episode… and I’m gonna miss Kiniro Mosaic already!

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