The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc Episode #11

You know what Keima, just show how you truly feel for Ayumi instead of doing it like you’re in a game! This is reality dammit, and you don’t have enough time!

Of course, he’s still persistent… Although he came prepared, I think Keima doesn’t have a clue or just that he’s an idiot for once.

Yes, it’s getting tougher for Keima to conquer Ayumi. Failure is not an option on the last episode!

And speaking of last episode, seems that the main perpetrator has finally showed up. Although she’s not doing this operation by herself.

Anyways, go get ’em Haqua next week!

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  1. seriousalias says:

    You know i actually feel really terrible for Katsuragi, because previously he only cared about the gaming world but now he doesn’t resent reality as much. But jeez when he turned down Chihiro i thought i was gonna cry, the strain in his voice when he said it was really emotionally moving for me. Nicely summed up!

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