Mirai Nikki Episode #27

Hey Yukkii, how’s your life being the new creator of the world? Okay, he’s not happy!

Also known as Mirai Nikki: Redial, this is the definite ending for this series. And BTW, I’ll be glad if someone adapts Big Order. (Sorry Asread, but take a rest for once!)

As you may know from the last episode, Yukiteru won after Yuno (from the first world) stabbed herself. Thus, he replaced Deus as the new god of the second (and possibly third) world.

While everyone has gone to their usual lives (except for Minene), Yuno is having fuzzy memories gained from the 1st. Hmm, it must be that someone is implanting her unnoticed.

And please, stop groping Hinata’s boobies. Mao likes it firm!

Still, Yuno managed to enter into Deus’ dimension where Yukiteru was held there. And she finds the entrance…

…thanks to Minene, no less. As far as having Murmur the 3rd piloting a robot, it seems gaining Deus’ powers makes her a very special mother/former-terrorist (except for the first and third Minene) to destroy Murmur, if not killing her.

Sorry Murmur the 3rd, but you have to stay put for the time being until Yuno gets her lover back!

And speaking of Murmur, the first one is alive. Unfortunately, Murmur the 1st inherited Yuno’s memories, which is why she has pink hairdo, and she’s suffering from all those bad memories Yuno endured.

But hey, at least you’ll be free from suffering once you transferred it to Yuno from the third world. So don’t cry, okay!

Anyways, this is how Mirai Nikki ended. Yuno got her memories back and found Yukkii using nothing but a hammer (Don’t ask me where she got it, but it’s from space I believe).

And look at those two lovers embracing after being separated from a long time. Now go and see the stars at night!

Despite quality issues, this is the best anime adaptation I have ever seen from Asread. Now anyways, I think I have some pending OVAs to watch!

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