Free! Episode #11

Rin, you shouldn’t make a scene where you’re preparing for the tournament!

Confrontation aside, at least both Rei and Rin didn’t get suspended, let along getting bruised when things get ugly.

As the regional tournament is getting closer, Rin’s backstory is fleshing it out on this episode. It turns out that he quit swimming because he can’t compete with the rest during his stay in Australia.

And while Rin-chan is ready for the relay, the captain decides to pull the plug on him ’cause he can’t be a team player (not to mention that Rin has a 100-meter Freestyle race coming up).

With all due respects Rin, you’re just doing self-pitying and self-satisfaction at the same time. But anyways, good luck on the final episode… And if by any chance that you’re given another shot at the relay, feel free to fill in as a substitute!

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