Servant X Service Episode #12

For a cosplayer like Chihaya, she sure likes to hug titties like a pillow!

But hey, at least she got her measurements in time for Yamagami’s date!

And so it’s time for the eventual date between Yamagami-san and Hasebe-kun. Nice dress, BTW!

And it seems that Hasebe-kun likes it, not to mention that he’s getting aggressive lately! Maybe he’s slightly pumped-up on his first date. Nevertheless, they have a good time until Yutaka’s dad called him to attend his sister’s engagement party.

On the other hand, it was revealed that his father is responsible for giving Yamagami-san her overly long name. I guess being a slacker runs with the family!

Anyways, it’s one episode to go before the finale. And BTW, I hope Touko learns that her brother has a girlfriend… more like an otaku girlfriend!

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