Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode #12

Anyone want a yandere… Or rather, a yangire Dee Enjy Stratmis?

Shit’s gonna hit the fan on this last episode. And BTW, this show aired in Sundays, which is fitting!

So yes, Dee has finally lost it after last week’s episode! Now, she’s gonna reset the world from the very beginning…

…by plunging to her death ’cause everyone know that they don’t want to remind about what happened on that day!

Now they know why they made a wish on creating a time-loop, it’s time to turn the clock back!

Nope, it’s not gonna happen ’cause Alis Color saves the day!

What a selfless bastard, I wonder why he has great lengths to save Dee despite pulling off an NTR on her?

It turns out, it wasn’t Dee who is dead… It was actually Alis who fell off the window and died fourteen years ago!

But seriously, this is the most baffling revelation I have ever encountered when watching KamiNai. If he’s dead, how come Alis can go outside of his world (with a physical body) and interact Ai and her friends before returning to his world? This is madness!

Anyways, this is the end for KamiNai. Everyone is saved and escaped to the real world (including Dee). Unfortunately, Ai Astin can’t accomplish her promise on saving both Alis and Dee.

Kudos to Madhouse for adapting this light novel series even though it’s a screwjob mentally! I guess this show would not get another season just like Highschool of the Dead now that Alis is gone.

Okay, I take it back… I guess Ai kept her world on saving Alis. Oh well, it might have a low possibility but make it happen Madhouse!

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