Kiniro Mosaic Episode #12

C’mon girls, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a classroom away, so you don’t get sad on being separated!

So yes, this is the finale of Kiniro Mosaic. And while they’ll still be sticking around for 2 years, let’s just say that they have a delusional story to tell.

And no, it’s not some crazy idea based on Sword Art Online (Thank you Karen for that reference).

Anyways, this fairy tale is weird. Not only Shino have a hair dye job as a blondie but the story has cute pirates, mermaids…

…and- “Oh fuck, isn’t that Giant Isami-nee!? She’s gonna befriend us with her Starlight Breaker!”

Yeah, it is very weird to end this episode thanks to Shino-chan!

Anyways, I’m gonna miss KinMosa! I wish Studio Gokumi would make a second season (or an OVA series like A-Channel).

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  1. anise_punter says:

    Aya-ya was my favorite, but pirate Karen was adorable.

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