Highschool DxD NEW Episode #12

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the final episode of Highschool DxD NEW! Yup, they sure returned just time to stop Katarea’s uprising.

And speaking of her uprising, looks like Azazel took care of it by wearing a badass artificial dragon armor and punch Katarea into oblivion (despite losing an arm).

Sorry Katarea, but you’re irrelevant to this finale. Of course, it’s not yet over!

That’s right, there’s one more fight for Vali Lucifer before closing this second season!

Sure, he doesn’t like peace and he likes fighting, especially Issei. Oh, and Vali has links with the Khaos Brigade, which composed of rouge angels (both pure and fallen), devils, and humans based on legendary heroes like Son Goku, Siegfried, etc.

Since Issei is weak compared to Vali, he needs to improvise a strategy to beat him…

…like absorbing Albion’s Divine Dividing ability and wield it on his right hand. It’s like Touma’s Imagine Breaker, but it leeches the opponent’s power and add to its own.

Yes, Issei can pull impossible feats despite being a weak high school student/low-ranking demon! So if I were you Vali, never underestimate Issei if you kill his loved ones, or shrinking his harem’s boobies (Thank you Azazel for that motivation).

Despite not being as epic as the last time against Riser Phenex, it’s still awesome to see the confrontation between two Heavenly Dragons.

Of course, I think this fight needs to be longer. Maybe TNK would fix that in Blu-Ray!

And so, the crisis was averted and the peace conference was a success. Still, I think Issei needs to level up in order to protect his friends, especially Rias-sempai.

As for Azazel, he replaced his chopped left arm into a mechanical one, complete with a rocket punch! Oh, and Azazel becomes the new advisor to the Occult Research Club.

Oh Azazel, you sure are a one hell of a fallen angel/teacher. Let’s see if you have some retro games to share!

And now, let’s give Issei a round of applause now that he has his harem (sans Kiba and Gasper) at his home.

Unless TNK would announced a third season, this second season ends here. Just hoping that it’s a two-cour series ’cause their at Volume 14 as we speak!

PS: I guess Koyasu didn’t reprise his role as Riser ’cause his character is too pathetic right now. Dohohoho!

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  1. I hope there is sequel season 3

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