The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc Episode #12

C’mon Keima, don’t beat around the bush. Just get the ending for Ayumi and we’re done!

On the other hand, I think Ayumi decides to push through the ending instead. Keima, do you got big balls to conquer her just when the world is about to end? *sigh*

But anyways, Mercurius is finally awakened at the last minute.

Oh, and Diana got her wings too. Although she spurt one on earlier episodes, it’s a good thing that she finally got one…

…in time to revive Apollo from her slumber. As this point, Vintage’s plans on reviving Old Hell were derailed!

As for Lune, she retreats ’cause her mission was a failure!

You know what, fuck you Lune! You should have died by Haqua, you should have died by having your head cut off…

But anyways, it’s all back to normal!

As for Chihiro, she’s back being cheerful as ever, in time for her concert together with Kanon. Not sure if she still remembers Keima…

…nor seeing goddess wings during the band’s performance? You know what, I’m thinking of saying “Do you want to have wings, Chihiro-chan?”

And as for Keima, he felt so sorry that he was a jerk after dumping Chihiro during the Maijima High School Festival!

Yup, he sure hits him hard!

Well then, it is the end of The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc. While Manglobe finally made a sequel after getting stalled with Hayate no Gotoku! (and Zettai Karen Children), I think the third season needs to be longer since most of the previous conquest like Yui and Tsukiyo were not animated.

Oh well, it’s farewell to Keima… and also Chihiro. I guess she still loves that dweeb!

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