Symphogear G Episode #12

I guess this would the the last time I’ll be using Dr. Ver raepface when discussing the penultimate episode of Symphogear G.

At this point, he’s fuckin’ insane because he wants to be the hero at the cost of Earth, which I don’t care about it!

But anyways, let’s start with the fight between Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi.

While Kirika’s soul will be erased since she has Finé inside of her, I think it’s time for Shirabe to help her friend even at the cost of her life.

C’mon, it’s common sense for a good magical girl to “befriend” an enemy, the Nanoha Takamachi way!

Then again, it was revealed that it wasn’t Kirika who has Finé’s soul residing her, it was actually Shirabe who has it. What a twist!

Unfortunately, Shirabe Tsukuyomi has died in Kirika Akatsuki’s arms. Oh well, there goes their friendship!

Then again, Shirabe would be revived by none other than Finé herself.

After all the atrocities that she committed in Season 1, I guess Hibiki’s words changed Finé for the better!

So yes, Shirabe Tsukuyomi is alive and I was thinking of putting them in a room and do kiss and make up!

On the other hand, it’s seems that Chris Yukine returned to being a good magical girl again! Yup, I knew it well enough!

And not only she returned to the hero side, but Chris Yukine nabbed Dr. Ver’s Solomon’s Cane…

…thanks to Tsubasa Kazanari no less! Man, I find it cute when Chris said “Tsubasa-sempai” but you know what, Tsubasa is now acting like Kanade Amou.

Finally, here’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve who dons her Gungnir to rally her supporters on saving the moon. Unfortunately, she fails to do so because Maria Cadenzavna Eve is a terrorist.

Oh, and Prof. Nastassja is sent to the moon thanks to Dr. Ver. After all, he wants to be the only hero around!

You know what Maria, I have to admit myself but you can’t be a savior to mankind, as well as being a crybaby especially when you can’t accept Serena’s death!

And since you can’t save the world with your song, Hibiki Tachibana will do it for you. Although initially, Hibiki is saving Dr. Ver’s ass, but then again she hates Dr. Ver!

Despite not having the most beautiful voice, she’s burning up to sing it out loud from her heart!

As for Dr. Ver, I think he would shit his pants when Hibiki Tachibana nabbed Gungnir from Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

See, Hibiki’s hot-blooded determination has not only nullified Maria’s Gungnir, but she transferred that relic onto herself…

…so she can return as a Symphogear user. Even though her comeback was not impressive as the first one, at least it’s full of hot-blooded goodness when Hibiki Tachibana becomes the symbol of salvation once again!

Oh well, I can’t wait for the finale this week! And BTW, I have a feeling that I’ll be blogging the final episode in October.

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