Free! Episode #12

Rin, I know you lost at the 100m freestyle but please…

…don’t try to hurt your kouhai, nor getting pity on yourself just because you can’t be amazing like Haruka!

Now then, it’s the finale of Free! That’s right folks, your swimming anime has come to an end!

On the subject on Rin, sure he wants to chase his father’s dream. But then again, he can’t do it during his time in Australia.

But you know what, it would be very nice if he should a team player instead of being a loner. C’mon, he invites Haruka to do the medley relay together in the first place…

And now Haruka would return the favor by inviting him back, ’cause that’s what friends are for. Hmm, I have a slightly bad feeling about this.

So anyways, the relay has begun. Surprisingly, Rin joined the relay…

…at the expense of Rei. Wait a minute, it’s illegal to have a substitute from another school to take part on that event! Why would Haruka do that?

Heck, even Nitori and the captain can’t believe it that Rin is swimming for the Iwatobi Swim Club. I guess he’s gonna be in trouble for that stunt.

Then again, he’ll be forgiven after this!

Anyways, it’s friendship that counts on this finale. Not the results, but the camaraderie!

And despite the angst, Rin Rin felt so sorry for being a jerk and not opening up to his feelings.

And so, this is the end of Free! I guess they’ll be back for next year, but for now it’s farewell to the Iwatobi Swim Club and Rin!

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