Servant X Service Episode #13

And for the finisher, a head chop from Megumi!

Um Chihaya-san, you’re rubbing more salt in Hasebe-kun’s wound if you’re continuing your insults. But oh well, it’s time for the final episode anyway!

Also, beware of Lucy’s ahoge… It can poke people that even the cutest section chief is not safe from the wrath of her idiot hair!

Fortunately, Yutaka finally told Lucy the truth that his father is the one who approves her overly-long name. I guess that even slackers make mistakes… but that one is unforgivable in my opinion.

Anyways, at least Yamagami-san didn’t get mad or flat-out hating him! Man, it could be worse if she did the latter. See, there’s nothing wrong with Lucy’s smile… There’s no pitchfork nor a hatchet on her hand either!

Speaking of Lucy, this is the end of Servant X Service. I’ll be very surprised if this one will have another season just like Working!!

And Yutaka finally got Lucy’s e-mail address. Good for you!

Now go and don’t pester her like dating or something similar… Oh, and don’t invite her into a love hotel, you slacking bastard!

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