Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode #12

And now, it’s time for the finale of Neptunia! And BTW, about the shares being siphoned to Planeptune during Ep. 11? That was Rei’s fault!

But hey, Neptune’s comrades have arrived to save her…

So was Blanc, who happened to attacked Neptune during last week’s episode. But who needs for some formal apologies if you wish to atone for your mistakes by stopping Rei’s plans on world destruction.

Anyways, it’s time for some asskicking-justice by yours truly. BTW, I’m disappointed that neither both Plutia nor Peashy didn’t come for this last battle!

But hey, at least they destroyed the Tari continent, and its Pong Laser, from turning Gamindustri into a wasteland!

As for Rei, she’s still won’t give up on bringing chaos and destruction. I mean, it’s her fault for bringing the Great Video Game Tari Crash of 1983 20XX!

With Neptune and the gang lost all of their powers, nobody can stop her now…

Unless Arfoire dropped by and decides to stop Rei Ryghts because nobody would usurped her as the main villain for this series!

And thus, Rei’s short reign as the goddess of Tari has ended. Oh, and it’s not like Arfoire would saved Neptune for once.

But anyways, it was a fitting end to this anime adaptation of Neptunia. It was a good adaptation of the first 3 games and mixed it up together without having to drag on to story line. I’ll give it a thumbs-up for David Production!

Now then, it’s time to say good bye for Neptune and her friends!

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