Ika Musume OVA Episode #02

Welcome back, Ika Musume, seems that you’re chilling out- Oh wait, I’ll take it back!

After numerous delays, it’s time for me to blog the second episode of Ika Musume OVA. I guess my only regret is that I’ve should have blogged the first season! But oh well…

And BTW, at least Sanae didn’t raep Ika-chan this time while she’s on her mini pool!

Anyways, this episode contains not only the mini-pool as seen above on this post, but there’s also the introduction of Goro’s mother.

That’s right, a lifeguard has a mom who doesn’t aware that Ika Musume is the real deal, and not a cosplay! You’re behind the times, Mrs. Arashiyama

And finally, Ika-chan attempts to send her message in a bottle down to the sea. That’s a good idea but unfortunately…

…the sea is trolling you ’cause you either not accomplished your mission or it just that the sea hates you!

Of course, this won’t stop Ika-chan from sending it! You may thank Cindy and her three scientist from creating a space rocket, but I wonder if her message was received by someone else?

Maybe those aliens have her message. It could be worse if either the Galactic Alliance or the Hideauze would get it!

And that’s the end of Ika Musume. For some reason, I think I’m getting bored on this series. But hey, at least I’ve finished blogging this episode.

Maybe a post from the final episode of Neptunia would excite me more!

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