Kimi no Iru Machi Episode #12

Oh shit, he’s busted for NTRing Asuka!

Well, there could be only one girlfriend for Haruto. He must either choose his old flame Yuzuki, or his fellow country bumpkin Asuka.


…Haruto will go for the former. And he got the slap from Asuka afterwards. You know, it would be very nice if GONZO made an actual slap scene. Lazy artists!

Heck, the other complaint on this series is that it only clocks at around 20 minutes instead of the usual 24 minutes per episode. What the hell GONZO and TV Tokyo!?

Anyways, Haruto breaks up with Asuka and she’s left crying. They’ll still be friends though, but it’s better than being NTR’d all the time!

And so, this is the end of Kimi no Iru Machi. Hurrah for Haruto x Yuzuki shippers, now go and screw yourself!

While I have a feeling that this series will not have a second season (thanks to GONZO, no less), there would be an OVA coming up. Still, that upcoming OVA might have a different staff and studio just like the previous one made by Tatsunoko Productions. But anyways, that’s it for this series!

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