Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #01

I know that you like a Laura x Charlotte yuri pairing in their cat pajamas, huh?

Despite moving to a different publisher Overlap, 8-bit will guarantee you that Infinite Stratos is back, and not a reboot as what the rumors said before the second season premiere!

As always, Ichika is back for another adventure…

Of course, he’s slightly dense when it comes to women. At least he’s not as dense as Natsuru Senou from Kämpfer or worse, Akiharu Hino from Ladies versus Butlers!

C’mon Ichika, you shouldn’t invite your girls where it is supposed to be a date for two!

Still, they have a blast on their last day of summer vacation. If only 8-bit would make a long version of this episode instead of resorting to montage.

As for Houki, I think she’s pretty neglected… Poor childhood friend!

And we got a new character introduced next week. Hurray, this would be fun!

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