Log Horizon Episode #01

It’s like Sword Art Online, except that it’s sillier!

From the author of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha comes Log Horizon. Yes, it’s similar to SAO, right down to having trapped players. Only this time, they made it slightly softer thanks to Satelight, so don’t expect bad guys doing heinous acts like rape and pillage on this anime.

On the other hand, I’m amused that instead of twin-wielding characters like Kite and Kirito, this main character named Shiroe is an established magician, and a strategist to boot. Nothing like a character who are veterans on Elder Tale, but too bad that their level cap is at 90!

Anyways, I might limit the coverage on this anime down to 14 ~ 16 posts just like Accel World and Sword Art Online, since I have more anime series to watch and blogged.

Speaking of which, I might try watching (and blogging) Kill la Kill and Freezing: Vibration in later weeks.

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