Strike the Blood Episode #01

Nice plaid pantsu, Yukina Himeragi!

And we got another light novel-turned-anime series from the author of Asura Cryin’, where instead of golems (called Asura Machina) made from sciences, this show has vampires and other demons that reside under one district called Itogami Island.

Oh, and Strike the Blood is animated by SILVER LINK. But it seems that they didn’t fully utilize the SHAFT style and decided to go for the clean look akin to Madhouse. Still has some unmoving plaid though on some areas (like Yukina’s panties).

Anyways, expect action and some slight fanservice like Asura Cryin’. Heck, even Kojou Akatsuki is excited- Oh wait, he can’t control himself thanks to Yukina’s panties. Damn those vampiric urges!

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